XML Site Export & Import

XML Site Import and Export makes it easy for you to add your sites to traffic exchnage programs. It's super easy and will add all your sites, banners, and text ads all at once, instead of one at a time.

Whenever you see the XML Site Export emblem, just copy the URL next to it to have a feed of that data to take with you. Most commonly exported types are your sites, banners, text ads, site splash pages, and site banners. Paste this url at any IMPORT box to add them all with one click. Just copy the 1 URL and paste it in an Import box. The contents of the URL are encoded in an XML Format, most of it will not be visible to you as a viewer but is read by our script. Just copy the URL next to the import box, and paste that single URL directly to an Import box.

Whenever you see the XML Site Import emblem, paste your Export URL into that box, and click import! This will instantly add all your sites, banners, or text ads to that site without having to add them one at a time or wait for the site checker. There are some restrictions though. For example it will only add sites until you reach the limit for that site. For example if you have 10 sites on your export, but the site you are importing only allows 5 sites, only the first 5 will be added. The Import feature will NOT Import sites that are paused or suspended at your export source, nor will it add sites you have already added to your import source.

Site Owners
If you would like to enable the XML Site Import or Export features on your site, please contact our support team to schedule an installation. Installation on LFMTE Scripts is absolutey free using our support or you can install it yourself by downloading this file. If you choose to self install, please contact support so we can add you to this list. Solutions for other sites can be created and costs are determined on a case by case basis.

Participating Traffic Exchanges
Aloha Traffic Discovery
Dream Fuel Traffic
Edge Hits
Fast Cash and Traffic
Hit Fool Max
Hits and List Cafe
Hooters Hits
Live Traffic Network
Mega Traffic World
Mobster Hits
Mystical Clicks
Naughty or Nice Traffic
R & R Traffic
RCD Traffic
Traffic Delivers
Traffic Heads
Traffic Pharoh (Coming Soon)
Sakura Traffic
Show Biz Hits
Solomatic Traffic
Super Traffic Highway
Surf Skeleton
Surf Sumo
Traffic Jam Pro
Traffic Swirl
... More Sites Added Daily!