Top Traffic Generation Sites.

The Traffic Exchange Score is based on total hits, unique hits, click through rate, goal rate, unique rate, new member count, and Alexa ranking. Most of the score is weighted by total hits, total unique hits, and click through rate.
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Top Performing Traffic Sources
Rank Source Score Views Unique % Click Rate Goal Rate Unique
49 (47)maxvisits623587090.00680%0%40
19 (52)bobylegros.com849184430.01630%0%324469531
57 (57)sharkshivertraffic.com561301630.04640.0033%0%140
55 (55)earnhomeincome.yolasite.com573105340.11390%0%120
15 (13)trafficswirl.com8532175920.79090.4766%0%172166723
56 (56)pgtraffic.com570109160.87031.9146%0%950
37 (38)bellasclickshack.com817171300.96320.6246%0%1651564137
38 (43)hotlinkcycler.com816129181.06830.0852%0%138404587
18 (14)coopmg.com850108051.15690.2591%0.037%1251137792
2 (1)explosivetraffic.net8885149741.25460.1196%0%6461195453
58 (58)happyxchange.com517173101.28830%0%2230
42 (42)instantxchange.com803226971.59930.0308%0%363420736
13 (15)costaricaclicks.net859749261.7070.2149%0%127912890207
41 (37)sakura-traffic.com811166861.7620.0479%0%294462724
1 (4)trafficswap4u.com892795361.7640.2075%0%14031592901
3 (3)a.clixsense.net886592292.19150.8357%0%12983768115
44 (N/A)smileytraffic.com792115552.22410%0%25765523
50 (49)trafficfirepower.com596144232.9120.0347%0%4200
6 (2)borwap.net881198073.04940.1969%0%60414920
28 (31)trafficsurf.com832216883.1630%0%6861639327
9 (11)sotuktraffic.com875434933.52470.1977%0%1533189432
17 (20)website-traffic-hog.com852315143.6650.0984%0.0032%1155381300
24 (27)vinrasta.com836116593.91110.06%0%456344858
35 (33)surfbass.com820100143.99440.1897%0%40026785640
27 (22)trafficspeedway.com833209504.37230.2005%0%916285237
Site Totals:35075860%0.8205%0.0851%1333820

Program Owner Tools

Built in Conversion Tracking

It's pretty easy to build conversation tracking into your affiliate promo tools. Your members want to track their ads so they can spend their time better, since they can't add their conversion tracking to your site, you can add it for them. This is also great because it will increase your site on our performance rankings.

To install tracking, insert the following code on all entry pages. For example your splash pages, signup page, index page, anything that people may regularly use to promote your site. For example if you are an LFM or LFMTE owner you can add the code to your splashpage.php, index.php, and signup.php files.

Step 2 is to put the code below on your verification or thank you page that is displayed after a member verifies their membership or confirms their email address.

Rotators & Co-Ops

If you are using a Rotator or Ad Co-Op for your site, then your site will always show as the source. This could misrepresent your site if your rotator is shown on other sites regularly. Your rotator or Co-op can easily be modified in a way that will stop it from interfering with the tracking service.

First you need to get the Source, using the PHP code below.

Now that we have the source, we just need to append it to the URL being displayed using the php code below where variable $goto is the site that will be loaded in the co-op or rotator.

Site Badge

Show your ranking with pride! Our hosted badge image will automatically display and update with your sites ranking. If you are in the top 25 it will display your site's ranking, otherwise it will display top 50, top 100, top 250, or top site. If you are not yet on the ranking it will still update automatically when you are listed. Use our tracking tools and add the conversion tracking above to get listed faster.

Badge Code