You have discovered the tools Pros and Gurus use to stretch their advertising dollars, Every Day!

If you are like me then you are Tired and Frustrated of being fed stories about how the next big thing will create a revolutionary change in the way you advertise. Tired of being fed lies about how effective a marketing system is without knowing how much is really working. If you are like me then you are tired of wasting time and money and wondering if it's really worth it. It took myself and others years of experience to understand that advertising companies put their own interest first, but do you know how much of it is REALLY working?

This is the one tool Advertising Companies Don't want You to know about!

STOP Wasting time and money on bad advertising sources
STOP Falling for phony success stories from advertising companies.
STOP Guessing what is working, without really knowing for sure.
STOP Wondering if you are just wasting your time.
STOP Listening to Gurus telling you their sites will bring ad success.
STOP Falling for hype stories, and lies about advertising.

Advertising Companies want you to believe what they say, but not question it!

Do you really know what is working with your advertising? It's your advertising, take ownership of it! Stop wasting your time and money on advertising that doesn't work. Learn to identify what is working and what isn't. Our system will track Beyond The Click! Any advertising company will tell you how many ad impressions or page views you get, but so what? What is a pageview if it doesn't convert? Our Free Tools will help you measure not only your page views and ad impressions, but click rate, conversion rate and overall advertising success rate.

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The Experts Agree - Testing & Tracking Matter!

Everyone with successful experience in advertising will tell you their most important tool is tracking! Knowing if your ads work is crucial to your success, and to improving those ads! What would you do if you could make a sales page convert twice as often and double your sales? Would you do it? Of Course you would! But do you know what it is that needs to be done? It's been proven that things as simple as changing a background or headline color can double your sales. Tracking tools will show you if your change is working, or if it is a flop.

The Affiliate Toolbox Solution!

Our comprehensive tool set Will help you Market your advertising campaigns with page rotators, banner rotators, thank you ad rotators, and even a complete splash page designer. We will help you Test and Track your advertising using our comprehensive conversion and click tools that will track your impressions, page views, clicks, and conversions, on autopilot. These tools will help you Succeed by giving you the power to spend your time and money wisely by having the knowledge of what advertising works, and what is a waste.

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..Did I Mention It's Free?

You can start using this service today absolutely free. It is absolutely crucial to your success that you use a comprehensive tracking and advertising tool, so I am giving you this complete set of tools absolutely free forever.

To Your Success,

John Bell, Product Manager
Insidmal Design, LLC

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